AUS-SPEC is regularly invited to present papers at the IPWEA National and State Conferences on the AUS-SPEC document system for the life cycle management of community assets. The following papers provide an overview of AUS-SPEC and guidance for use.

Scope and use of AUS-SPEC
This paper provides an overview of AUS-SPEC packages, a summary of the additional documents provided with the update service and the benefits of using the AUS-SPEC system.

Developing a contract document system using AUS-SPEC
This paper discusses the procedures for easy compilation, preparation and management of contract documents using AUS-SPEC for the design, construction and maintenance of Council assets.

Specifying Concrete Pavement for Local Government
This paper was presented at the 2021 Australian Society of Concrete Pavements and provides an overview of the AUS-SPEC information, tools, technical specification templates, specifications framework and processes to document requirements for various asset life cycle activities. It will also demonstrate the use of the system to create contract documentation for the design, construction, and maintenance of local government infrastructure assets to meet the growing needs of the communities.

AUS-SPEC: The proactive approach to asset maintenance
This paper discusses the implementation of a proactive approach to asset maintenance for asset owners, using AUS-SPEC tools and templates.

Improving sustainability of local infrastructure using AUS-SPEC
This paper provides an overview of how Councils can use the AUS-SPEC system to document their requirements for sustainable infrastructure assets to meet the needs of their communities.

Extending Lifecycle of Assets Using AUS-SPEC
This paper provides an overview of using the AUS-SPEC specification Templates for the design, construction and maintenance of local infrastructure assets. The sustainability requirements are addressed by documenting products, materials and methods of construction that permit reduced water, energy and resource consumption and fewer emissions that contribute to climate change. Integration of sustainable practices into the management of community assets ensures that community wellbeing, environmental protection and economic prosperity are maintained for current and future generations. The AUS-SPEC specification system also promotes financial sustainability by being adaptable to different procurement methods and contract types and allows asset owners to balance the level of service provided with the maintenance and operations budget.

Developing AUS-SPEC for more sustainable communities
This is an extended abstract on the development of AUS-SPEC since 2007 and to address other sustainability issues in the specifications.

This paper was presented at the 2017 International IPWEA Public Works Conference 20-24th August, in Perth.

Sustainable sprayed preservation surfacing treatments
Sustainable preservation surfacing treatments to extend the life of local roads
AUS-SPEC, the national local government specification system, in conjunction with industry partners, developed a new generic specification ‘1147 Sprayed preservation surfacing’ for the supply of materials and application of spray-applied preservation treatments to preserve, protect and prolong the life of existing wearing pavement surfaces.

This paper will highlight how Councils can use various AUS-SPEC generic documents to specify the surfacing treatments and provide case studies to preserve and prolong the asset life and minimise the whole-of-life costs of their road assets.

Effective life cycle management of rural roads using AUS-SPEC
Effective Lifecycle Management of Rural Roads Using AUS-SPEC
AUS-SPEC, a joint venture between IPWEA and NATSPEC, has released the new Rural roads specification package, responding to challenges faced by regional, rural and remote councils. AUS-SPEC national documents have been specifically tailored towards local government. Rural and remote councils will benefit from the new AUS-SPEC Rural roads specifications package by:

  • Easily documenting the design, construction and maintenance of their road network using SPECbuilder, specification compiler.
  • Bridging the gap where there is lack of in-house engineering capability to efficiently deliver road assets.
  • Significantly improving the structural integrity, safety and performance of sealed and unsealed roads.

The new AUS-SPEC Rural roads specification package will equip councils to implement improved practices across the asset life cycle. It covers documentation for planning, design, tendering, contract preliminaries, construction, maintenance and operation of regional and rural roads. This paper highlights the updates to the existing specifications, and present various new specifications and reference documents included in this new package to allow rural councils to effectively manage their large network of road assets.